This focuses on sending out your work to our established mailing lists and contacts thanks to

our connections and business relationships we have been building up throughout the years.

This can help your music to be played on radio stations, important events, being reviewed on

magazines and getting the feedback to make each release stronger in the market. Many

companies try to offer this kind of service but just a few can claim the level of contacts and

feedback we constantly supply for each release.


In such a competitive market you need music which not only perform well in the dancefloors

but that also sound professional, punchy and clear in every context.

Our mastering service is affordable but yet very professional and it relies on a very simple

concept: a good master starts from a perfect mix, but getting a perfect mix is very hard unless

you have the proper technical skills and the right environment. Finally you can relax !

With us you get access to the very unique “Stem Mastering” service : this is achieved via

groups and not with the common stereo file giving us the chance to fix every possible

imperfection in the mix and make all tracks to sound on a top level. Don’t miss this amazing



Your new work is finally ready and now it’s time to show it to the community.

What’s better than introducing it with the proper words? With our experienced writer you will get

the perfect information texts for your release, ready to be used on cd, vinyls, digital releases and

on any different type of marketing campaign (including ours),

allowing you to convey the feeling and the ideas behind it.

This is something often ignored from small labels and artists but it’s one

of the keys to open the doors to the people in the right positions.


Music is more and more closely related to images and that’s why we also provide a professional

graphic designer ready to shape your ideas visually.

A strong link between your music and your visual presence is crucial today to get the proper

impact on the community.

Big success in the industry is often related to an innovative and catchy visual campaign,

so do not ignore this fundamental step!

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